The Magic of Montserrat’s Masquerade

Although there are many customs and cultures fading in Montserrat, there are some that are most ancient and, thankfully, still present. That’s the Montserrat Masquerade. The Masquerade dance is a defiant show of protest carried on from generation to generation, since slavery […]

Dancing with the Dead-No.3: St. Kitts (1945 – 1948)

One day, Granny approached the kitchen to talk to the cook who was preparing lunch. From a distance, she saw the cook seasoning a large pot of stew that was simmering on the stove. Unaware that Granny was watching, the cook took a dark object from the pocket of her apron and began to grate it into the stew. At that point, Granny stepped into the kitchen and asked the cook what she was putting into the stew. Flustered, the cook claimed it was black pepper. In fact, what she was busily adding to the stew was a length of dried stool – her own!

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